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Duffeeland Dog Park Club


Duffeeland Dog Park is the newest Sun City amenity. This off-leash dog park, owned and operated by RCSC, serves as a social gathering spot for dog lovers and their canine friends. This unmonitored facility is for RCSC Cardholders and their invited guests only. Use of this facility is at your own risk. In order to keep the park clean and enjoyable for all users and the neighboring properties, several rules and regulations have been established which members of the Duffeeland Dog Park Club help to ensure that these are enforced.

** PLEASE NOTE: Duffeeland Dog Park requires RCSC Tokens to be obtained by Members/Cardholder to gain access for security reason. You may access and view the Token Access Request Form and Waiver/Release here; however, you must visit the RCSC Corporate Office at Lakeview Center to obtain your token. Your understanding and cooperation is greatly appreciated. 

Category: Social

Location: Talisman Hall (formal meetings)

Club Contacts:

  • President: Bill Agy – Email: bagy1@msn.com
  • Vice President: Polly Putnam
  • Treasurer: Karen Hiesler – 330-388-0681
  • Secretary: Ruth Huff
  • Member Coordinator: Cindy Glasco

Dues and Fees: $5 per year

Meeting Times:

  • Please see Sun City Update Club Directory for info

Please refer to the Duffeeland Dog Park webpage for additional information about park hours, etc.

Click Here for the application to join the Duffeeland Dog Park Club