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All classes are multi-level and do not assume prior yoga experience. Classes are taught by certified instructors and include breathing techniques, stretching, relaxation and meditation, as well as warm-ups and basic postures to increase mind-body connection, self-awareness, and self-confidence.

What you’ll need to bring and wear

To attend bring a yoga mat, small blanket or beach towel, your current RCSC card. Current club membership fees and per class sessions can be found on our website. Wear loose, comfortable clothing for a warm environment and please arrive at least 25-30 minutes before class to register and pay.

Visitors may attend our club once for a nominal fee.  Bring your current RCSC Member or Privilege Card with photo please..

Category: Fitness

Location: Sundial Center

Club Email:

For more information and class schedule, visit the Hatha Yoga Club website.