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Ladies’ Exercise


Come join the Oakmont Ladies Exercise Club for low impact exercise. Our club meets at 8 am on Tuesday and Friday in the Oakmont Recreation Center Auditorium. The class lasts approximately one hour. We do warm up routine, stretching, balancing and core exercises. The class uses light weight weights and thera bands, please bring your own.

Annual club dues are $3 per year, with no daily fees. Come join the fun and feel better. For more information, call 928-890-9152.

Exercises Specifically for Women 50+

With a special focus on low impact exercises designed for women over 50, club members enjoy both stretch and strengthening routines for overall better health done through a series DVDs. Open to all female RCSC Cardholders wishing to exercise in a safe and supportive atmosphere.

Category: Fitness

Location: Oakmont Center

Club Contact: Karen (928-890-9152)

Meeting Times: Tuesdays & Fridays: 8-9am