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Dale Elliott plays Scott Joplin’s “The Entertainer” to a full house at the Sun City Piano Club’s “An Evening to Remember” concert on January 24, 2022 in the Sundial Auditorium.

Whether you enjoy listening to the vibrancy of live music or performing for your friends and other club members, the Piano Club of Sun City’s monthly music programs offer something for everyone.

The Piano Club meets at 9:30 am on the third Friday of the month all year long in the Sundial Auditorium, 103rd Avenue and Boswell Boulevard. The club President opens the program with announcements, followed by the Master of Ceremonies who will introduce those members or guests who signed up to perform. To be fair to others, each performance is limited to five minutes. We welcome all levels of pianists and all styles of music.

The Piano Club studio at Sundial is a spacious room with two grand pianos, a console piano, and classroom keyboards. It is the perfect place for club members to practice duets or practice on a grand piano for the first time. Reserve time in the studio through our president.

The studio hosts a series of music lectures called “In the Studio,” held every other month from October through April.

The Sundial studio also has a donated music library which is free for club members to take home. In addition, there are years of music magazines that can be checked out.

Click Here to see the alphabetical list of “Songs in Sheet Music Magazine” available to club members.

You do not have to play the piano to be a member. Just enjoy the music!

Category: Performing Arts

Location: Sundial Center

Club Officers/Contacts:

  • President: Rochelle Kinderknecht (sanalro@live.com)
  • Vice President: OPEN
  • Secretary: Sharon Candelise
  • Treasurer: Ken Frerichs
  • Membership & AETR: Dolly Bodenshok
  • Emeritus: Eric Laubach
  • Communications/Librarian: Sue Norris
  • Publicity: OPEN
  • Special Projects: Andy Jordan

Annual Membership: Fees waived for 2024! RCSC Cardholders only. See attached Membership Form

Club Information: Ken Frerichs (kenfrerichs@bellsouth.net or 623-444-4483)

Lessons: The Piano Club offers affordable piano lessons to adults of all levels, from beginner to intermediate. Classes are held in the Piano Club Studio above the Sundial pool at the Sundial Recreation Center. If you don’t have a keyboard or piano, the club can help you find one.

Group Studio Lessons
Gloria Lien
Phone (602) 418-2989 or gloria.hope.lien@gmail.com.

Group lessons are available on successive Mondays. Piano courses begin in October, January, and March. Tuition is $85 for four-week sessions or $170 for eight-week sessions. Four-week sessions may also be available most months.

Private Studio Lessons
Robert Swan, DMA
Phone (425) 829-3753 or email swan.rh@gmail.com.

Private lessons are available on successive Thursdays between 9am and 1pm. Lessons are for an 8-week session. Tuition for a 45-minute lesson is $33.75 ($270 for 8 weeks minimum). Tuition for a 60-minute lesson is $45 ($360 for 8 weeks minimum).

  • See the attached Private Enrollment Form. Private enrollment forms need to be completed with instructor assistance.
  • See the attached Biography of our private lessons instructor.

Click here for the monthly e-newsletters and mid-month Piano Club Notes

Click here for an archived list of Piano Club’s e-newsletters (prior to June 2, 2024)

Click here for the 2024 An Evening to Remember (AETR) e-newsletter.

  • 2024 Calendar of Events
  • Annual Evening Concert (7:00 pm Monday)
  • An Evening To Remember
    January 22, 2024
  • Monthly Music Programs (9:30 am 3rd Friday)
  • January 19 New Year’s Celebration
    Celebrate New Year’s with a host of talented pianists.
  • February 16 Music from the Heart
    You’ll love the selections our performers play.
  • March 15 March Winds
    Live piano music will blow you away.
  • April 19 Welcome Spring
    Welcome spring with wonderful melodies.
  • May 17 Movie Magic
    Songs from the movies set the stage.
  • June 21 Romance
    Remember that feeling of excitement and mystery.
  • July 19 Independence Day
    Celebrate your freedom with music.
  • August 16 Dog Days of Summer
    Hot, sultry music will make your temperature rise.
  • September 20 Torch Songs
    Lament your unrequited and lost loves.
  • October 25 Welcome Back (This month only rescheduled to 4th Friday)
    Performers play their favorites for your listening pleasure.
  • November 15 The Great American Songbook
    Listen to popular and enduring tunes that have stood the test of time.
  • December 20 Sounds of the Season
    Enjoy seasonal music. Listen to favorites, old and new.