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Shuffleboard Club of Sundial Center

Shuffleboard Club of Sundial Center

Why Join Sundial Shuffleboard Club?
To spend a comfortable evening with our group of friendly people.
To play a game where fun is just as important as the competition.
To play indoors where weather never interferes with having a good time.
To enjoy our member meetings and social events and meet new friends.

What is required to join?
Your payment of $2.50 annual dues
Your current RCSC membership card.

What are club payment requirements?
Your presence at the shuffleboard courts at Bell Center on Thursday by 5:45 p.m.
Cost is 25 cents per session. Chance to double your money.

What if I have never played before?
You may ask to have free lessons.
You may play as a guest three times before joining.
All equipment is furnished.
A copy of the rules is provided.
Fellow shufflers are always willing to help.

Category: Sports

Location: Bell Center

Club Contacts/Officers:

  • Russ Roach, President (623-208-9921)
  • Chuck Bell, Vice President
  • Debbie Edgin, Secretary
  • Joyce Mahrt, Treasurer

Hours:  Arrive by 5:45pm on Thursdays

    • Thursday 5:30 to 9pm
    • Saturday 12:30 to 3pm