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The Spanish Club, or El Círculo Español, offers Spanish classes from beginner to more advanced conversation from October through April and an all-levels practice group throughout the summer. Some of our instructors are native speakers, and others have teaching experience at the college and/or professional level.  ALL are enthusiastic and patient volunteers who spend hours preparing content and are dedicated to helping club members succeed in their efforts to learn or improve their Spanish language skills.   Remember to thank all your instructors for their time and efforts after every class!  CLICK HERE to view/download our informational brochure.

PLEASE NOTE:  As of September 1, 2020 The Spanish Club has decided NOT to resume in-person classes at Fairway Center until further notice.  Classes via Zoom are available. Updates and registration information will be sent to club members via email. 

Category: Educational

Location: Fairway Center

Club Officers & Contact Information:

Contact us via email at SunCitySpanishClub@gmail.com

  • Barb Zanoni, President
  • Rochelle Kinderknecht, Vice President of Communications
  • Consuelo Grass, Assistant Vice President of Communications
  • Joe Hewitt, 2nd Vice-President
  • Amy Peterson, Secretary
  • Margaret Mitzen, Treasurer

Board and committee chairs are all volunteers.  The Spanish Club is dependent ENTIRELY on volunteer instructors and members who donate their time to organize and manage classes and activities.  Volunteer monitors are required for EVERY class to record attendance, and assist new members and the instructors.  We are ALWAYS in need of monitors, people willing to serve on the Board, help with meetings and activities and more.  Contact us via email or talk to one of our Board members about volunteering to help your club.

How to Join the Club and Sign Up for Classes (Click here for membership form)

Club dues are $10 per calendar year payable starting at the October general membership and class registration meeting.  Although membership is open throughout the year, we STRONGLY encourage you to join at our October or January registration meetings OR no later than the first two weeks of class so you don’t fall behind.  At the registration meetings you’ll be able to visit with instructors who will help you decide which class(es) are best for you.  Download and print a membership form BY CLICKING HERE (or pick one up from our Bulletin Board at Fairway Center outside of Room 129 ), complete it, and bring it to the meeting along with a check or $10 cash.  Forms will also be available at the meeting.

You can take as many classes as you choose.  We encourage you to try different classes and teachers during the first two weeks of a session until you find the best fit for you.  Consider giving the conversation classes a try because speaking helps your brain put together all the pieces of learning a language. Each teacher will use a unique approach, so it is up to you to decide what works best for you.

Class Prerequisites: 

  • Beginners Level 1- Anyone
  • Beginners Level 2 – Recent class experience
  • Intermediate Level 1 – Some knowledge of basic tenses
  • Intermediate Level 2 – Comfortable with simple speaking & reading (literature)
  • Beginning Conversation – Some knowledge of words and grammar but little conversation
  • Intermediate Conversation- Some conversation experience
  • A Beginning Italian Class is also available


All classes are held at Fairway Recreation Center.  The yearly class schedule is announced at the October meeting or can be downloaded BY CLICKING HERE.  Most January classes are continuations of fall classes but new ones may be available.   Check the club bulletin board in the hallway outside Room 129 for the latest course schedule and room assignments. While in class you MUST wear your Membership Badge you’ll receive when you join the Club.  This allows instructors and class monitors to learn names, determine numbers for class handouts and verify your club membership.


As of September 1, 2020 The Spanish Club has decided NOT to resume in-person classes or activities until further notice.  These activities will resume when Phase 3 Restrictions have been lifted. Therefore the current schedule below for 2021 may not be accurate.

  • January 7, 2021 at 5pm – Fairway Center Spring Registration
  • Classes Begin Week of January 11, 2021


If you are not able to attend the class enrollment meetings, download and print a membership form BY CLICKING HERE (or pick one up from our Bulletin Board), complete it, bring it to class along with a check or $10 cash, and give it to the class monitor.  We do NOT accept credit cards.  If you register during class you’ll find your new membership badge the following week in the Club mailbox across from our Bulletin Board outside of Room 129 at Fairway Center.


In addition to learning language skills, the purpose of the club is to help our members better understand the culture and traditions of Spanish-speaking countries.  Our instructors infuse their classes with their personal knowledge and experiences and the Club also arranges monthly social outings (usually the third Thursday of the month) to restaurants and other locations of cultural interest.  Entertainment is also provided at our  holiday and spring luncheons.


We use three textbooks: (1) “Spanish Made Simple,” by Jackson and Rubio, revised by Nemethy; (2) “Practical Spanish Grammar,” by Prado, second edition and (3) “Conversational Spanish For Adults, Seeing What You’re Hearing” Levels I & II, by Susan Roemer.  The first two are readily available for purchase on the web or from local bookstores and the third is available from the instructor for $20.

The textbook used for each class is clearly indicated on the current Course Schedule.  You are responsible for obtaining your own textbook.  If you are unable to make the first week or two of classes, please read the first chapters of your book so you don’t get too far behind.

Anyone having used textbooks may bring them to the two enrollment meetings where they can sell or donate them to other members.  The Club will provide a table for your use, however sales are between individuals.  The Club will not collect money and will not accept donated books or materials.