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Marinette Recreation Center

Marinette Recreation Center

9860 W. Union Hills Drive   623-876-3054

Operating Hours: Sunday 8am–8pm | Monday–Saturday 6am–9pm

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Marinette Recreation Center, Sun City’s northern most recreation center, has been totally renovated (project completed March 2015).  Marinette Recreation Center now boasts an expanded state-of-art fitness center (4,000 sf), 20 pickleball courts (eight under permanent cover), outdoor spa, half-court basketball, horseshoes and rubberized walking track – the type of Sun City AZ amenities you’ve come to expect from America’s first active adult community.  RCSC Cardholders are certain to be pleased with the results!

NOTE: The pool and spa at Marinette Center will be closed November 11 thru November 28, 2019 for decking repairs.

Marinette Center Open Swim & Activity Hours

Activity Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
Fitness 8a-8p 6a-9p 6a-9p 6a-9p 6a-9p 6a-9p  6a-9p
Pool **
Length: 74.5′
8a-8p  6-9p 6-9a; 10a-9p  6a-9p 6a-9p 6-9a; 10a-9p 6a-9p
Children’s Swim 1-4p  1-4p  1-4p 1-4p 1-4p 1-4p 1-4p
Spa  8a-8p  6a-9p  6a-9p 6a-9p 6a-9p 6a-9p 6a-9p
Pickleball  8a-8p** 6a-9p 6a-9p 6a-9p 6a-9p 6a-9p 6a-9p
Horseshoes 8a-8p  6a-9p   6a-9p 6a-9p  6a-9p  6a-9p  6a-9p
Basketball 8a-8p 6a-9p  6a-9p 6a-9p 6a-9p 6a-9p  6a-9p
Walking Track * 8a-8p 6a-9p  6a-9p 6a-9p 6a-9p 6a-9p  6a-9p

* Click here for Laps per Mile Chart for the Walking Track

** Please Note: Reservations for certain club activities and classes may affect these hours. Please contact the Facility Attendant at the phone number above to confirm open play availability.

*** The Pickleball Pavilion at Marinette is closed the first Sunday of each month for cleaning. The outdoors courts can be used during this time.