Strategic Alternatives Committee Meeting Update – 5/19/2023

Due to the holiday, there will be no SAC meeting on Friday, May 26, 2023. The next meeting will be held on Friday, June 2, 2023 at the SAC Lab at Oakmont Center.  An updated agenda will be forthcoming.

Co-Chair Jeff Darbut led off the meeting with a presentation entitled, “2022 Member Activity Use & Facility Utilization Data.” The presentation demonstrated the underlying purpose of this committee, “to identify and develop strategic alternatives which analyze and document the pros, cons, costs, timing, and areas impacted by using data-driven information and providing solutions for the areas impacted.” It was interesting to note that over 80% of recorded athletic activities were accounted for by Golf (21%), Swimming (20%), Fitness (19%), Bowling (18%), and Pickleball (4%).  All other activities accounted for less than 20% of the total activities. It might also be worth noting that the ASU Survey reported the most popular activities among the 5,000+ respondents were fitness, golf and walking for pleasure while the Visitor Center recently reported that the greatest interests from among all visitors were the activities of walking, pickleball and swimming.  2023 statistics also indicated that older centers were less frequently used.

Committee members pointed out that there are still deficiencies in the methods used to collect data but accepted that this was probably the best data we currently have available and is far superior to utilization data collected previously.

Data provided by the Players Club showed that club membership has declined significantly with COVID severely impacting attendance at plays.  Information that was presented concluded that low utilization of auditorium space in general opened up alternatives for the Players Club to use existing space in ways that would significantly improve their ability to practice their tradecraft.  The question of whether the expenditure of $12M on a large theater was the wisest use of limited funds was raised.

As always, SAC members are cognizant of the agreed upon metrics to be used as discussed in a previous meeting as they continue to evaluate both facility and amenity alternatives.

NOTE: Press releases regarding the work of the RCSC Board of Directors Strategic Alternatives Ad Hoc Committee (SAC) are authored by the ad hoc committee and distributed/posted by RCSC media staff.