Strategic Alternatives Committee Meeting Update – 6/16/2023

The Strategic Alternatives Committee, an RCSC ad hoc committee tasked since April with reconsidering renovation plans for the Mountain View Recreation Center, held its eighth weekly meeting on Friday, June 16, 2023.

This meeting focused on two primary topics: first, the potential for installing retractable seating in a current auditorium to provide a better theater experience for performing arts groups; and second, a draft proposal for overall building plans created by several members of the committee.  A third component, which would have reviewed results from the recent Member survey conducted by ASU, was postponed due to health restrictions of the scheduled presenter.

While retractable seating is an interesting option that is frequently being used around the world to optimize space utilization, several committee members countered that it would do little to provide other functionalities currently missing at either the Sundial or Mountainview locations, such as backstage areas for rehearsals, production work, dressing rooms, or storage.

The draft proposal presented at this meeting can be reviewed online under the RCSC SAC tab.  Presumably this is the first of multiple alternative proposals that will be brought forth for committee consideration and community input in the coming weeks.

On June 23, a presentation will be made at the usual Oakmont location on the Performing Arts Centers located at three other 55+ communities in Arizona.

Due to maintenance work at the Oakmont Center, please note that the June 30 and July 7 meetings have moved to the Lakeview Recreation Center, Second Floor, Social Hall #3 at 2 pm.

NOTE: Press releases regarding the work of the RCSC Board of Directors Strategic Alternatives Ad Hoc Committee (SAC) are authored by the ad hoc committee and distributed/posted by RCSC media staff.