Strategic Alternatives Committee Meeting Update – 4/28/2023


The Strategic Alternatives Committee (SAC) held its second weekly meeting on Friday, April 28, 2023 during which it discussed metrics to be used in evaluating facility alternatives to Mountain View Option 2/Pickleball at Lakeview. The Board believes the SAC undertaking is the most important committee work ever undertaken in Sun City. There is a great sense of urgency to identify, fully evaluate and present creative alternatives to Mountain View Option 2/Pickleball at Lakeview by the September Board meeting.

The metrics agreed to be used by the SAC to evaluate facility/amenity alternatives are as follows:

  • Historical and projected utilization of any new facility
  • Estimated capital cost involved
  • Estimated operating cost involved
  • Qualitative factors that add to the quality of life of members (Meeting guest suggestion)
  • Attractiveness of the amenity to members and prospective members
  • Redundancy of facility and amenities – Is the same amenity available nearby?
  • Disruption/Displacement caused by construction of the amenity
  • Whether the amenity helps fulfill the Long Range Planning Committee’s proposed Mission, Vision and Values

The committee agreed to “survey” all prospective RCSC groups who would use a Performing Arts Center (PAC) in order to gain better insight into a detailed total future usage of a Sun City PAC. Two Committee members agreed to call club leaders to inquire and report back to the committee. Tours of the Stardust Theater in Sun City West and Mesa Community College’s theaters have been arranged for interested SAC members during the first week of May

The next SAC meeting will take place on Friday May 5 at the SAC Lab in Oakmont Building B (located at 10725 W. Oakmont Ave.) in Sun City. It will include a presentation of historical utilization data of the Mountain View auditorium as well as pickleball, tennis, lawn bowling and mini golf utilization statistics.

The SAC will provide regular press releases of its work in order to keep the community informed.

NOTE: Press releases regarding the work of the RCSC Board of Directors Strategic Alternatives Ad Hoc Committee (SAC) are authored by the ad hoc committee and distributed/posted by RCSC media staff.