Summer Weed Eradication

From the Golf Grounds Crew

An Update on Summer Weed Eradication

RCSC Golfers/Members,

This communication is in regard to the many comments we have received about the summer weed encroachment on our golf courses. We wanted to proactively update you on our ongoing efforts to resolve this issue.

There have been many factors that have led us to this point.  I feel the two most important factors are the heavy winter rains we received that have germinated our weed population, and irrigation issues we have had at three of our golf courses.  The Viewpoint Lake relining project substantially reduced water available for Lakes West, Willowcreek/Willowbrook had a well pump down, and the North Course was growing in TifTuf sprigs on the front 9 holes which took almost its entire nightly allotment of water just to keep the sprigs wet.  These irrigation issues unfortunately weakened our Bermuda grass and allowed the weeds to enter.

Golf Course Superintendents and their respective teams have noticed these weed issues and have been actively spraying areas such as Greens and Tee boxes to eradicate the summer weeds.  These bi-weekly applications will be made until suppression of the weeds is complete.

Summer breakdown of our herbicide applications, which began in July are as follows:

Course Tee Boxes Greens / Collars
South Course 7/6/23, 7/27/23, 8/17/23 7/27/23, 8/18/23
Quail Run 7/24/23, 8/17/23 7/24/23, 8/17/23
North Course 7/28/23, 8/18/23 8/3/2023
Lakes East/West 7/26/23, 8/14/23 8/15/2023
Riverview 8/8/23, 8/24/23 8/16/2023
Willow Creek/Brook 8/9/2023 8/16/2023

With all respect to our golfing community, we are adamantly working to resolve this current issue and ask for your patience throughout the next week to ten days while the herbicides take effect.  We appreciate everyone’s concern and support. Thank you.