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Board and Committee Meetings

NOTE: All RCSC Members/Cardholders are welcome to attend RCSC Board Meetings.

board & committee meetings

Those in attendance are expected to follow RCSC Board Policy 10 – Rules & Regulations and must maintain civility and courtesy to all.  Furthermore, per RCSC Board Policy 14 – Posting of Signs & Distribution of Literature:  No sign, literature or petition may be posted or distributed at RCSC Facilities if it contains scandalous, malicious, defamatory or libelous language. The Board and Management are authorized to police all posting of signs, distribution of literature or advertising at RCSC Facilities and to order anyone to cease and desist and vacate RCSC Facilities. Your understanding and cooperation is appreciated. Click here for Descriptions of Committees.

Board Meetings




The Exchange Meeting Notice Monday, May 13 @ 9am Sundial Auditorium
ATTACHMENT: Exchange Topics

RCSC Board of Directors Meeting Thursday, May 30 @ 9am Sundial Auditorium
Board Meeting Agenda with Attachments

RCSC Annual Membership Meeting Tuesday, March 11, 2025 @ 6pm Sundial Auditorium
Annual Meeting Agenda

Committee Meetings




Bowling Committee Thursday, May 2 @ 9am Lakeview Lanes Meeting Room**
Club Organization (COC) Committee Wednesday, May 8 @ 10am Lakeview Board Room
Finance and Budget Committee Wednesday, May 8 @ 1pm Lakeview Board Room
Technology Committee Wednesday, May 8 @ 4pm Lakeview Board Room
Golf Advisory Committee Thursday, May 9 @ 8:30am Lakeview Social Hall #2
Sun City in Focus Committee Monday, May 13 @ 4pm Lakeview Board Room
Long Range Planning Committee Tuesday, May 14 @ 8:30am Lakeview Board Room
Lawn Bowling Committee Tuesday, May 14 @ 1pm Lakeview Board Room
Outreach & Communications Committee Thursday, May 16 @ 1pm Lakeview Board Room
Elections Committee Wednesday, May 22 @ 1pm Lakeview Board Room
Insurance Committee No Meeting Scheduled this month
Properties Committee No Meeting Scheduled this month
Other Meetings:
Sun City Foundation Thursday, May 9 @ 11am Lakeview Board Room
** Committee Meetings are no longer being video taped.

*NOTE: Board Meeting or Committee Meeting schedules often change, and the information in the Sun City Update may have been revised since it’s publication. For the most up-to-date information, please visit this page often.  All meetings are open to RCSC Cardholders.

Committee meeting dates are subject to change and can be confirmed with the Corporate/Board Office if necessary by calling 623-561-4600.