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RCSC News Email Alerts

RCSC encourages Cardholders to stay informed about RCSC news and events.  News Email Alerts are now part of the RCSC Web Portal.

RCSC Cardholders

Cardholders should login to the portal to setup and manage their email preferences to ensure that all web portal services are fully integrated.  If a Cardholder elects not to use the RCSC Web Portal in spite of the benefits and advantages it offers, please complete the RCSC News Email Alert form to be signed up.  This form may be sent to RCSC by mail, email or dropped off at the Lakeview Center.

RCSC Non-Cardholders

Those who are not RCSC Cardholders may also sign up for News Email Alerts from RCSC.  Simply send an email to webportal@suncityaz.org and include your first and last name, email address, mailing address, and your preference selections from the following categories: News, Centers, Golf, Bowling, Lawn Bowling and Movies & Events.

Changing Email Selections and Unsubscribing

Cardholders may change their email subscription selections at any time.  Changes may be completed:

  • through the RCSC Web portal (accessed via the RCSC Cardholder Login)
  • by following the My Profile link at the bottom of any email communication from RCSC,
  • by following the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of any email communications from RCSC, or
  • by contacting the RCSC offices

Removing all email subscription selections through the RCSC Web portal will stop email communications from RCSC until these selections are changed by you.  Selecting the Unsubscribe link in email communications will prevent any further email subscription communications from being delivered to your email address regardless of your individual list selections.

Ensuring Receipt of RCSC News Alert Emails

The RCSC News Alert Emails you receive will be sent from info@rcscmail.com. Cardholders are also advised to add info@rcscmail.com into their contacts/address books to avoid emails from RCSC going directly into Spam/Junk Email folders. RCSC News Alert Emails can contain graphics or pictures so it may be necessary to allow delivery of emails with pictures to avoid RCSC emails from being identified as Spam/Junk Mail.

Confidentiality of Your Email Address

RCSC does not release your email address to any outside source.  Your email address will only be used by RCSC to keep you informed.

RCSC Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement

The Privacy Statement linked above describes the information that RCSC collects and how this information may be used by RCSC.