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Strategic Alternatives Ad Hoc Committee (SAC)

NOTE: There will be NO SAC Meeting on Friday, May 26, 2023. 

Motion Approved – 4.5.23 – Treasurer Fast:

I move that all work on the Mt. View project option 2 and building pickleball courts at Lakeview be suspended until a committee of representatives from all interested groups can be appointed to address strategic issues and alternatives.  The work of this committee will be presented for member review and comment at the September 2023 Board meeting along with all data gathered by the committee.


Develop and Present Strategic Alternatives to our Members by our Members for the currently suspended PIF budgeted project at Mountain View.

SAC Meeting Rules & Measurements – 5/5/2023


Agenda (entitled April through December)
Committee List

Rough Notes (in place of video)
4/28/2023 Meeting Recap/Press Release

Sun City West Theater Tour

SAC Overview and Issues with Option 2
Rough Notes – Work in Progress (in place of video)
5/5/2023 Meeting Recap/Press Release

Updated Agenda
PowerPoint Presentation – Gary Osier
Utilization Spreadsheets – MVC Combined Reports | Reservable Space Utilization | Club Membership Comparison
5/12/2023 Meeting Recap/Press Release
5/12/2023 Meeting Video Link

Updated Agenda
2022 Member Activity Use Facility Utilization Data
Cost of Theater Alone
Photo of Proposed Roof Line
Option 2 – CCBG – pg. 12
5/19/2023 Meeting Recap/Press Release
5/19/2023 Meeting Video Link