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Strategic Alternatives Ad Hoc Committee (SAC)

NOTE: All SAC Meetings held at 2pm on Fridays in the Grand Center Sonoran Room (10415 W Grand Ave) are currently CANCELLED UNTIL OCTOBER 20, 2023. The Oakmont SAC Lab continues to be available to review additional materials and resources.

Stay involved by attending one (or all) of the scheduled Town Hall Meetings!

PLEASE NOTE: Revised Dates Below



Motion Approved – 4.5.23 – Treasurer Fast:

I move that all work on the Mt. View project option 2 and building pickleball courts at Lakeview be suspended until a committee of representatives from all interested groups can be appointed to address strategic issues and alternatives.  The work of this committee will be presented for member review and comment at the September 2023 Board meeting along with all data gathered by the committee.


Develop and Present Strategic Alternatives to our Members by our Members for the currently suspended PIF budgeted project at Mountain View.

SAC Meeting Rules & Measurements – 5/5/2023


Below are several links including Board Meeting recordings that explain the history of concerns and reasons for Mountain View proposal changes.

Design changes and Option 2 were presented on 6/14/21 with three timeline markers for pertinent comments and presentation:

Presentations displayed at these meetings can be found on the Mountain View Recreation Center webpage here: https://suncityaz.org/recreation/mountain-view-recreation-center/


Video of Presentation
Presentation Slides

Video of Meeting
Presentation Slides

Video of Meeting
Presentation Slides
Anita Borski Statement
PAC Seating Comparison

Video of Meeting
Presentation Slides


John Fast Meeting Intro/Opening Remarks
Video of Meeting
Marlene Imirzian & Associates – Biography & Introduction
Committee Member Opinion #1
Committee Member Opinion #2 | Committee Member #2 Presentation
Member Comment

Meeting Notes
Video of Meeting
Updated Agenda – 8/4 to 9/28REVISED 8/17/2023 ** NEW POST **

Meeting Notes
Video of Meeting
Documents/Presentations from July 28
PAC Needs per Players Club
PAC Proposed Alternative @ 107th & Sun City Blvd
Players Usage Report
PAC at Arizona High School, Tolleson
Opinion Letter from Cathy Morrell
Statement from Anita Borski
Pros & Cons – Mountain View vs Lakeview

Video of Meeting
Presentations from July 21:
Brainstorming Introduction – Norm Dickson
Lawn Bowling Presentation – Norm Dickson

Agenda/List of Presentations
Video of Meeting 
Meeting Notes/Press Release
Presentations from July 14:
ALT# 11: Options for Mountain View – Tom Trepanier
ALT# 12: Pickleball Issues – Dan Haberman
ALT# 13: Lakeview: Sun City’s Crown Jewel – John Fast
ALT# 14: Mountain View Options – John Fast
Not Your Typical SAC Presentation – Jean Totten
Tip Top Dancers & Sun City Poms – Sundial Pros/Cons

Video of Meeting
Meeting Notes/Press Release
Presentations from Friday, July 7:
ALT# 6: How We See Things, A Look Back – Norm Dickson
ALT# 7: Relocation of PAC to Lakeview or Bell – Paul Higgins
ALT# 8: Suggestions for Mt. View Pool – Rick Hanan, Swim Club President
ALT# 9: Win, Win and Wow – Dave Clawson, Tennis Club President
ALT# 10: Entertaining Sun City Residents; PACs in Other Communities – Bill Loslo

Meeting Notes/Press Release
Video of Meeting
Presentations from Friday, June 30, Meeting:
ALT# 2: Strategic Alternatives Recommendations: Introduction – Steve Oaks
ALT# 3: Lakeview Renovation Proposal Pros and Cons – Steve Oaks
ALT# 4: New Entertainment Center on the Lake – Russ Toland
ALT# 5: Review of MV Master Plan Drawings Option 1B & Option 2 & Possible Alternatives – Susan Chatterjee

Survey Data Discussion – Jeff Darbut
Performing Arts Presentation – Karen McAdam
Social Dance Presentation – Lana Williams
11/2021 – A Long Range Plan for Sun City – Rich Peterson
Meeting Notes/Press Release
Meeting Video Link

ALT# 1: Theater Presentation Slides
Mountain View Options Presentation Slide
Dance Presentation Slide
Meeting Notes/Press Release
6/16/2023  Meeting Video Link

Data Discussion Presentation Slides
Meeting Notes/Press Release
Meeting Video Link

Meeting Notes/Press Release
Meeting Video Link

Meeting Syllabus – Revised
Pickleball Presentation Slides
Players Presentation Slides
4/22/2023 Memo to Clubs
4/28/2023 Site Analysis – Recast
Historic Performing Art Center Analysis/Documents

Meeting Notes/Press Release
Meeting Video Link

Updated Agenda
2022 Member Activity Use Facility Utilization Data
Cost of Theater Alone
Photo of Proposed Roof Line
Option 2 – CCBG – pg. 12

Meeting Notes/Press Release
Meeting Video Link
Updated Agenda
PowerPoint Presentation – Gary Osier
Utilization Spreadsheets – MVC Combined Reports | Reservable Space Utilization | Club Membership Comparison

5/5/2023 Meeting Notes/Press Release
SAC Overview and Issues with Option 2

Sun City West Theater Tour

Rough Notes (in place of video)
Meeting Notes/Press Release

Agenda (entitled April through December)
Committee List