How to Vote in RCSC Board Election

Voting in the RCSC Board of Directors Election

Click here to read or print step by step voting instructions

Once you’ve registered to use the RCSC Web Portal (see attachment/link), you can cast your ballot in the RCSC Board of Directors Election. Online voting continues through Election Day (Tuesday, December 12, 2023) at 4pm.

  1. Click on PORTAL LOGIN (top right side of page)
  2. Enter your RCSC Member number and password, then click NOTE: If you have not yet activated your new portal account, click here for instructions.
  3. On the top menu bar, hover your mouse over ELECTION and then click on VOTE. You may also view their bios by clicking on Candidate Info.
  4. The next screen will show you the list of NOTE: This display is set to randomly order candidates each time it is accessed so the candidate order may be different on each ballot. PLEASE ENSURE YOU SEE SIX CANDIDATES.  You may need to scroll UP or DOWN depending upon your device or screen.
  5. Candidate videos can be found by clicking on More Info underneath the candidate’s names. To return to the ballot, close the video’s tab.
  6. Select the number candidates of your choosing (Between 1-4 for the 2023 Election) by checking the box next to their names.
  7. When you are satisfied with your selections, click on SUBMIT.
  8. Lastly, click on LOGOUT link at the top right of screen to complete your portal.


How to Get Started on the RCSC Web Portal

So that you can make assessment payments, manage your email subscriptions, book & edit tee times, vote in RCSC Board of Directors Elections and so much more!

  1. Notify Cardholder Services of your email address for your RCSC Cardholder number if you do not currently receive RCSC News Email Alerts. In order to access and use the upgraded RCSC Web Portal, each Member (and each portal account) must have a unique email For further assistance (if needed), please email Cardholder Services at
  2. Click on PORTAL LOGIN (right side, top of page).
  4. Enter your RCSC Member/Card Number and then check “I’m not a ”
  5. Click on “Send Activation” and follow further instructions that have been emailed to you to in order to reset your password.
  6. You should now have access to the upgraded RCSC Web Portal. If you encounter any problems at this point, please email
  7. You’re all set! Start using the web portal, sign up for RCSC News Email Alerts and more!