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Annual Property Assessments FAQs


How is the Annual Assessment amount determined?

The annual property assessment is used to cover the costs of operating and maintaining RCSC’s recreational facilities. Each year the Finance & Budget Committee is presented with an annual budget for the RCSC operations and a recommendation for the amount of the annual property assessment. The committee reviews the recommendation and either accepts it or makes an alternative recommendation to the Board of Directors. The Board, each year in December, approves the annual budget for the following year. They also vote at that time on any proposed increase to the annual property assessment.

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Who determines the amount of the Annual Assessment and how can I be a part of that decision?

It is important to note that both the Board of Directors and the Finance & Budget Committee are comprised of RCSC Member volunteers who themselves are impacted by their decisions. They are always careful to consider all factors in making any decision that has an impact on Sun City AZ homeowners, while also performing their fiduciary duty.

If you want to address the Board on the budget and the assessment amount, you can do so by attending a Board Meeting which are generally held the second Monday and last Thursday of each month at 9am in the Sundial Auditorium.  In some months the date can change due to holiday scheduling, etc. so be sure to check the RCSC website at https://suncityaz.org/rcsc/board-and-committee-meetings/ for up to date meeting information.

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Do I have to pay if I don’t use any of the Recreation Centers? I don’t use them and receive no value from them.

Yes. The RCSC Facilities Agreement signed by yourself or your predecessors obligate property owners to pay annual property assessments whether or not they use RCSC facilities or occupy the Sun City AZ property. The facilities and amenities provided by RCSC positively affects the value of property in Sun City AZ, so even if property owners do not use RCSC facilities they are provided value by them.

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Why does my neighbor pay only half of what I pay every year?

As of February 1, 2003, the RCSC Board of Directors changed the basis for determining the annual property assessments. For properties purchased after this date the annual property assessment is charged on a Per Property basis which charges the same amount regardless of the number of deeded property owners. For properties purchased prior to February 1, 2003 without additional ownership interests added, the basis for determining the annual property assessment is on a Per Person basis which charges an amount for each deeded property owner. The Per Person basis amount is set as one half of the Per Property basis amount. As a result of the number of deeded property owners, there may be a difference in the assessment charged between properties purchased before and after February 1, 2003.

Please see RCSC Corporate Bylaws (Article III, Section 1) for detailed information regarding the annual property assessment basis and when it changes

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Does the Annual Fee have to be paid in one lump sum or may I make payments?

The annual property assessment is charged in full at the anniversary of the purchase of the property. Quarterly or monthly billing statements are not provided. Property owners are encouraged to contact the Cardholder Services Office at Lakeview Center should there be difficulties in making the payment for their annual property assessment. We will try to accommodate payments. However, there may be additional fees and loss of privileges if account is not paid in full by the due date.

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