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Board of Directors Elections FAQs


If you are a Recreation Centers of Sun City, Inc. (RCSC) Member in good standing and feel that you could contribute to the continuing and future success of the Recreation Centers of Sun City, Inc., you are encouraged to consider running for the Board of Directors (Board).


Who can become a candidate for the RCSC Board of Directors?

The requirements are as follows:

  • Must be at least fifty-five (55) years of age;
  • Must be Member in good standing;
  • Must not reside with or be related by marriage or birth to any other Board of Director, Board candidate, or Senior Management;
  • Must reside in Sun City, Arizona and be available at least ten (10) months of the year;
  • Must meet the requirement to hold an Arizona liquor license.
  • Must be eligible and available to serve a three (3) year term; and
  • Must attend Board Candidate Orientation(s).
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What is required to be on the election ballot for the RCSC Board of Directors?

All Board candidates must submit a fully completed RCSC petition signed by one hundred (100) or more RCSC Members in good standing, as well as the completion of other forms provided in the RCSC Board Candidate Packet, such as a resume and list of goals, which must be completed and submitted to the Board Office in October, with a precise return date announced each year by the end of May.

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How can I obtain an RCSC Board Candidate Packet?

Candidates must personally appear with their RCSC Member card to obtain a packet at the Board Office located in the lower level of the Lakeview Recreation Center, 10626 W Thunderbird Blvd (northeast corner of Del Webb & Thunderbird Blvd), during the hours of 7:30am to 4:00pm, Monday through Friday. Packets are generally available the first week of June, with a precise start date announced each year by the end of May.

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What abilities and desires should Board Candidates possess?

Board Candidates should have the following:

  • a strong desire to serve Sun City AZ;
  • ability to be fair and courteous;
  • ability to use good common sense;
  • ability to compromise as a team;
  • ability to prioritize – policy and projects – what has the greatest benefit overall; and
  • ability to dedicate the hours necessary to be an effective Board member.
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The RCSC Board of Directors consists of how many members and what is the rotation basis?

The RCSC Board of Directors consists of nine (9) volunteer (that means non-paid) Board members, of which three Board members are elected annually. The term for an elected Board member is generally three (3) years with a six (6) year or maximum of two (2) term limit. In the event that more than three (3) vacancies exist, the candidate receiving the highest number of votes after the three (3) three-year terms are filled shall fill the next longest vacant term.

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Does the corporation provide liability insurance for Board members?

Yes, as per the Corporate Bylaws, the Corporation provides Directors and Officers liability insurance for all RCSC Board of Directors and Officers. However, should a Board member take actions on behalf of the Board or Corporation without prior approval of the majority of the Board, such actions may deem them personally liable without the protection of the Directors & Officers liability insurance.

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What are the responsibilities of the RCSC Board of Directors?

  • Hold and administer corporate assets, and direct, control, manage, and supervise the business and financial affairs of the Corporation without limitation, except as set forth in the Restated Articles of Incorporation;
  • Establish, change, and/or delete Board Policies, Cardholders and Guest Code of Conduct, and any Rules and Regulations of the Corporation as deemed necessary and within the authority as outlined in the Restated Articles of Incorporation and these Corporate Bylaws
  • Fulfill its fiduciary duty to act in the best interests and for the benefit of the corporation, thus the community as a whole;
  • Exercise sound business judgment and follow established management practices;
  • Balance the needs and obligations of the community as a whole with those of individuals;
  • Establish committees or other methods to obtain input from Members;
  • Conduct open, fair and well-publicized elections;
  • Encourage input from Members on issues; and
  • Establish and revise, whenever necessary, the corporate Bylaws and Board Policies to maintain accuracy and compliance with state statutes and to best serve the needs of the community.
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Who can vote for Board candidates?

Only RCSC Members in good standing. RCSC Members are Deeded Real Estate Owners of property located in Sun City AZ. RCSC Members must be a Sun City AZ property owner 55 years of age or older (unless qualified under spousal exemption) and occupy the Sun City AZ property as his/her primary Arizona residence unless his/her other Arizona residence is farther than seventy-five (75) miles from Sun City AZ.

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How do candidates campaign for Members’ votes?

RCSC Board Candidates are introduced at the monthly Board meetings (typically the second Monday and last Thursday of  each month) once candidate verification is complete. Then a series of “Meet the Candidates” forums are held during the month of November where candidates can express their views and answer questions from RCSC Members and the Election Committee. In addition, specific areas are provided at RCSC facilities for campaign literature.

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When do elections occur?

As per the Corporate Bylaws, elections are held on the second Tuesday in December each year at the Lakeview Recreation Center. Electronic voting commences one month prior to Election Day. RCSC Members in good standing will be able to cast ballots online from any computer until 4pm on Election Day. For any RCSC Members without computer access or those who would prefer to vote in person, Absentee Ballots are available through the Board Office and paper ballots can be cast at Lakeview Center on Election Day from 8am to 4pm.

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Are absentee ballots an option?

Yes, absentee ballots can be obtained by contacting the Board Office at 623-561-4620 or via email at boardoffice@suncityaz.org

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How are the successful candidates announced?

A press conference is generally held immediately following the election to announce the election results and at the December monthly Board meeting, the new RCSC Board of Directors are formally installed.

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