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Loss of Club Privileges


The club I belong to says there is a problem with my club membership. Why?

RCSC Chartered Club rosters are verified to RCSC records during the year. Common situations that can cause problems with club membership may include:

  1. Sale of your property with club privileges no longer being available,
  2. Sale of your property and purchase of a new property where your RCSC number changes as a result of the move,
  3. Changes in property ownership that affect your cardholder status and subsequently club privileges,
  4. Being past due in making your annual property assessment payment,
  5. Failure of the property owner to make a timely payment of the annual property assessment when you have an RCSC Privilege Card.

It is important to note that RCSC does not share details of Cardholder accounts with RCSC Clubs. RCSC clubs do not know the specifics of why a Cardholder does not have privileges. Please see the Cardholder Services Office if there are any issues in joining an RCSC Club using your RCSC number.

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