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Recreation Centers of Sun City (RCSC) FAQs


What is RCSC?

The Recreation Centers of Sun City, Inc. (RCSC) is a private, non-profit corporation which owns and operates recreational and social facilities in Sun City AZ. RCSC manages an annual budget and employs both full- and part-time. Many of RCSC employees are Sun City AZ residents.

RCSC facilities include the following:

  • 8 Recreation Centers – (over 460,000 sq. ft. under roof)
  • 8 Golf Courses – (1,100 acres)
  • 5 Snack Shops (located at the golf courses)
  • 2 Bowling Centers (Lakeview 24 lanes, Bell 16 lanes)
  • 2 Cafés (leased & located in the bowling centers)
  • Sun Bowl (open-air amphitheater)
  • Viewpoint Lake (33 acre man-made lake)
  • Duffeeland (off-leash dog park)
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What is the Recreation Center of Sun City, Inc.’s (RCSC’s) mission?

To maintain a financially sustainable corporation which provides our Members with a wide range of high quality amenities, recreational opportunities and social activities to enhance each participating Members sense of well-being and purpose.  Read the RCSC Mission, Vision and Values Statement.

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What does Recreation Centers of Sun City (RCSC) do?

RCSC owns and operates eight recreation centers (Bell, Fairway, Grand, Lakeview, Marinette, Mountain View, Oakmont, Sundial), eight golf courses with five snack shops (Lakes East/West, North, Quail Run, Riverview, South, Willowbrook/Willowcreek), two bowling centers with leased full-service restaurants (Bell and Lakeview lanes), one open-air amphitheater (Sun Bowl), softball field, a 33-acre man-made lake (Viewpoint Lake) and Duffeeland, an off-leash dog park.

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What doesn’t RCSC do?

The Recreation Centers of Sun City, Inc. (RCSC) does not regulate or monitor outside of the recreation center properties, including private residences, streets, or medians in Sun City AZ. Sun City AZ is not a city but an unincorporated part of Maricopa County, therefore, streets and medians are maintained by Maricopa County. The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office and the Sun City Fire and Medical Department provide safety and emergency services. The Sun City Homeowners Association (SCHOA) and respective condo associations are responsible for enforcing the deed restrictions on non-commercial properties in Sun City AZ. Visit our Community Resources page for more contacts for services outside the scope of the RCSC operations.

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What is the RCSC Board’s fiduciary duty?

The Recreation Centers of Sun City, Inc.’s (RCSC’s) Board of Directors (Board) is bound by law to uphold its fiduciary duty. The law imposes fiduciary duty to ensure that power is exercised conscientiously. The RCSC Board of Director’s fiduciary duty requires it to act in the best interests and for the benefit of the corporation. This fiduciary duty has two components: one, to act within the Board’s authority and two, to apply the business judgment rule. The business judgment rule asserts if a board has exercised reasonable business judgment in making a decision, the board is not consider negligent in its fiduciary duty. A board is not liable if they have practiced the business judgment rule even if the decision turns out to have been a poor one. The business judgment rule also requires the Board to exercise the duty of care and the duty of undivided loyalty.

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What is RCSC Management’s role?

The Recreation Centers of Sun City’s (RCSC) management is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the corporation and enforcing the Restated Articles of Incorporation, Corporate Bylaws, Board Policies and any and all rules and regulations of the corporation, commonly referred to as the corporate documents. Management has the authority and responsibility to implement policies, procedures, rules and regulations covering day-to-day operations and personnel provided that such are compatible with the corporate documents.

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What is a Recreational Centers of Sun City (RCSC) Member?

RCSC Members are Deeded Real Estate Owners of property located in Sun City AZ. Members must be a Sun City AZ property owner 55 years of age or older (unless qualified under spousal exemption) and occupy the Sun City AZ property as his/her primary Arizona residence unless his/her other Arizona residence is farther than 75 miles from Sun City AZ. If there are more than two Deeded Real Estate Owners per property who meet the qualifications for a Member Card, such Owners must decide which two of the Deeded Real Estate Owners shall be classified as Members. Up to two Member Cards may be provided for each property, provided there are two persons who meet the qualifications.

Each individual qualified as a Member shall be issued no more than one Member Card, regardless of whether more than one Sun City property is owned and assessments and fees are paid. A multiple property Owner is not considered to occupy more than one property at a time. Each individual qualified as a Member is entitled to only one vote on each matter voted on by the Members.

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What if the owner of the Sun City property is not an individual?

If the Deeded Real Estate Owner is a Trust, no more than two of the Grantors / Trustors / Settlors, or if deceased, no more than two remainder beneficiaries of the Trust may be deemed to be Members, provided that they meet the individual Member qualifications. If the Deeded Real Estate Owner is a Corporation, LLC, Partnership, LLP, or any other entity (“Company”) that may represent non-individual ownership other than Trusts, the Company may select two of its shareholders or partners to be Members, provided that they meet the individual Member qualifications; and further provided that said individuals have an ownership interest in said Company.

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What is an RCSC Cardholder?

Recreation Center of Sun City (RCSC) Cardholders include two categories: Members and Privilege Cardholders. RCSC Members are Sun City AZ property owners who meet specific qualifications. Non-Owners, renters, tenants, lessees, and/or occupants of property located in Sun City AZ may be entitled to purchase a Privilege Card provided that they meet certain eligibility requirements.

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What is a Privilege Card?

A Non-Owner may be issued a 30 day, 60 day, 90 day or annual Privilege Card for a fee, as determined by the Board, provided: (a) at least one Owner or Non-Owner who occupies the property is 55 years of age or older; (b) the Non-Owner occupies the Sun City AZ property as his/her primary Arizona residence unless his/her other Arizona residence is farther than 75 miles from Sun City; (c) the Non-Owner is not under 19 years of age, and; (d) the property assessments and fees, where such Non-Owner resides, are current.

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How can Members make recommendations to the Board or let the Board know their concerns?

The Recreation Centers of Sun City’s (RCSC) Board of Directors (Board) takes their role and duties very seriously. The Board wants input from the Members and wants to keep Members informed. As a Member of RCSC you have a responsibility to participate in the governance of RCSC.

The Board invites Members to attend Board Meetings which are generally held on the second Monday and last Thursday of each month in the Sundial Recreation Center Auditorium at 9am, when Members may comment on Motions being considered and other matters of concern. The Board also encourages Members to send comments, concerns or input via email to boardoffice@suncityaz.org or via letter to 10626 W Thunderbird Blvd, Sun City AZ 85351.

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