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The Sun City 500 Club of Fairway is a social card group that meets every Monday from 6:15 to 9pm in the evening year-round. While knowledge of Euchre is helpful, lessons are available with prior arrangements. No partner is needed to join and play.

The game is based on Euchre and involves bidding to name trump and establish the minimum number of tricks to be taken. After four hands of play points are totaled and everyone gets a different partner for next round. This permits everyone to play with partners of different skill level levels during the evening. Typically eight rounds are played each Monday evening.

Dues are $3 annually with a 50 cent entry fee each Monday evening. 500 Club is open to all RCSC Cardholders and all are welcomed. Call Robin at 815-909-6422 for more information.

Category: Cards & Games

Location: Fairway Center – Arizona Rooms 3 & 4

Club Contact: Robin Meckley – 815-909-6422

Game Times: Every Monday from 6:15 to 9pm