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*** Lifelong Learning News Update – Spring 2024 ***

Classes for the 2023-24 season have come to a close, and the Curriculum Committee (under the direction of Club Vice President Mary Jo Tietge) is in the process of designing the 2024-25 educational season.  If you have special expertise which may be of interest to Sun City AZ learners, please contact Mary Jo Tietge at scazlifelong@gmail.com

The Lifelong Learning Club anticipates Fall Registration at the Fairway Recreation Center on October 10, 2024 with classes to begin on October 28.  When the Fall Course Catalog is available, it will appear on this website for members.

The Lifelong Learning Club of Sun City is a RCSC chartered club whose mission it is to bring education programs and opportunities to members at a low cost.  Currently, the membership fee is $20 per year.

The Sun City Lifelong Learning Club offers about 40 lectures and multi-session classes each “semester” at the Fairway Recreation Center.  Spring classes are offered in February and March; fall classes in October through December. Topics include art, music, history, health and well-being, finances, current affairs and entertainment.  Instructors are volunteers and residents of Sun City and nearby communities with wide and varied experience.  Local organizations also volunteer staff members as instructors.

Dues are $20 per calendar year.  Registration occurs in early October and early January.  The program brochure is publicized in early January and mid-September.  It can be found on the Lifelong Learning Club page on the RCSC website (www.suncityaz.org), on the bulletin board outside the classroom (Fairway Room 129), at the Chartered Clubs Office at Oakmont Center and the Sun City AZ Welcome Center at Bell. The class schedule is also emailed to club members.

If you are interested in joining the Lifelong Learning Club, please send an email to scazlifelong@gmail.com.  The meetings and class registration are held in early October and early January at Fairway Recreation Center.

Category: Education

Location: Fairway Center

Club Contacts:

Club Schedule:

  • Classes meet as scheduled
  • Executive Board meets monthly as a general rule
  • Next  Registration Session: Thursday, October 10, 2024 at Fairway. Member meeting at 10am; registration immediately following.
  • Class Brochure & Schedule – (WHEN AVAILABLE)
  • Registration for all classes & lectures is required
  • Hard copies of the schedule can be found at Fairway Center in the club’s mailbox (located outside Classroom 129), at the Chartered Clubs Office at Oakmont & at the Sun City AZ Welcome Center at Bell  (when available)
  • If you are out of town and unable to register, you may mail in your registration request.  You will need to enclose a copy of your RCSC card, check and  class request.  Please call number on front of brochure for  information
  • Please email scazlifelong@gmail.com if you have any questions.

Club Fees:  $20 annual dues. No additional fees.