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Marinette Recreation Center

Marinette Recreation Center

9860 W. Union Hills Drive   623-876-3054

Operating Hours: Sunday 8am–8pm | Monday–Saturday 6am–9pm

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Marinette Recreation Center, Sun City’s northern most recreation center, has been totally renovated (project completed March 2015).  Marinette Recreation Center now boasts an expanded state-of-art fitness center (4,000 sf), 20 pickleball courts (eight under permanent cover), outdoor spa, half-court basketball, horseshoes and rubberized walking track – the type of Sun City AZ amenities you’ve come to expect from America’s first active adult community.  RCSC Cardholders are certain to be pleased with the results!

Marinette Center Open Swim & Activity Hours

Activity Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
Fitness 8a-8p 6a-9p 6a-9p 6a-9p 6a-9p 6a-9p  6a-9p
Pool **
Length: 74.5′
8a-8p 6-9p 6-9a; 10a-9p 6a-9p 6a-9p 6-9a; 10a-9p 6a-9p
Children’s Swim 1-4p  1-4p  1-4p 1-4p 1-4p 1-4p 1-4p
Spa  8a-8p  6a-9p  6a-9p 6a-9p 6a-9p 6a-9p 6a-9p
Pickleball  8a-8p** 6a-9p 6a-9p 6a-9p 6a-9p 6a-9p 6a-9p
Horseshoes 8a-8p  6a-9p   6a-9p 6a-9p  6a-9p  6a-9p  6a-9p
Basketball 8a-8p 6a-9p  6a-9p 6a-9p 6a-9p 6a-9p  6a-9p
Walking Track * 8a-8p 6a-9p  6a-9p 6a-9p 6a-9p 6a-9p  6a-9p

* Click here for Laps per Mile Chart for the Walking Track

** Reservations for certain club activities and classes may affect these hours. Please contact the Facility Attendant at the phone number above to confirm open play availability. NOTE: Classes are on hiatus 2/5 to 2/16/2023

*** The Pickleball Pavilion at Marinette is closed the first Sunday of each month for cleaning. The outdoors courts can be used during this time.

Marinette Center Directory

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