Strategic Alternatives Committee Meeting Update – 5/5/2023


The Strategic Alternatives Committee (SAC) held its weekly meeting on Friday, May 5, 2023 at the SAC Lab (Oakmont Building B). The Oakmont Recreation Center is located at 10725 W. Oakmont Ave. in Sun City.

A meeting agenda for the entire project (from now until the deliverable – estimated at November – December) was introduced and discussed. The months ahead are divided into six Phases with a different agenda each week:

  • Phase One (1) has concluded – Organization and Start.
  • Phase Two (2) – Data Analysis – runs from May 5 to June 9.
  • Phase Three (3) – Exploring Alternatives and Developing Recommendations runs from June 16 to August 25 – The intent is to develop three or four strawman proposals to kick the process off and then open the discussion to include member ideas.
  • Phase Four (4) – Report Drafting – will be highlighted September 1 to September 29. Primary recommendations and alternatives to consider will be presented and should include Member Usage, Cost and Space Constraints.
  • Phase Five (5) – Membership Comment Period – encompasses all of October and November
  • Phase Six (6) – Board Vote – is expected anytime between November and December.

The two-hour meeting focused on:

  • Parallel Work Streams
  • The Preservation Improvement Fund (PIF) Budget
  • Mountain View Project Option 2: What it is and how much it will cost ($40.0 million). Discussion of the many issues that resulted in the Board of Directors pausing the project and reconsidering alternatives.
  • Strategic Alternatives Committee: Why its approach is better. The Mountain View Project Option 2 is the starting point for the development of alternatives that will be benchmarked against it.

Additionally, the number of allowed occupants per meeting was adjusted and has increased from 24 to 55 with an overflow area in the next room. SAC is open to all Members of Sun City.

The next SAC meeting will take place on Friday, May 12, 2023 at 2 pm.  It will include a presentation of the current Facility Utilization Data with conclusions.

The SAC will provide regular press releases of its work in order to keep the community informed and will be featured in an email blast to the Members.  They will also be located on the RCSC site under the heading RCSC/Press and Publications and RCSC/Meeting Minutes and Summaries.

If you have any questions, please contact (SAC at RCSC).

NOTE: Press releases regarding the work of the RCSC Board of Directors Strategic Alternatives Ad Hoc Committee (SAC) are authored by the ad hoc committee and distributed/posted by RCSC media staff.