Water Begins Trip Back to Viewpoint Lake

creek from lake
Water began its trip back into Viewpoint Lake on Friday morning, slowly meandering around a small portion of the Lakes West Golf Course under the watchful eyes of morning golfers, before bursting into the first completed phase of the lake.
The rising water in the first, deepest, completed phase of the lake will protect the carefully laid liner from Mother Nature, and will allow workers to focus on putting the finishing touches on the final phases of the project. The historic refill began in the nearby Lakes West Golf Course pond, which has always used the lake as its resource for irrigation water.
A dam preventing water from entering the lake was opened, allowing the water to properly flow through a small portion of the course and between homes, before diving under Cameo Drive and pouring out into the lake. Residents watched from yards and peaked over the fences, as the lake began to return to its place in the community as a lively resource of fun and entertainment for both lakefront homeowners on the lake, as well as Cardholders and Members who enjoy the shared lake amenities.
Sun City Members will be updated as the project nears completion – watch for updates including video, on our Facebook page, and here on the Website!  lake water