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Sundial Recreation Center

Sundial Recreation Center

NOTE: Events & Entertainment Office located at Sundial Center is open Monday-Friday from 8am-4pm; office phone 623-561-4680.

14801 N. 103rd Ave.   623-876-3048

Operating Hours: Sunday 8am–8pm | Monday–Saturday 6am–9pm

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Sundial Recreation Center boasts RCSC’s only indoor swimming pools, and as a centrally located venue, is home to many events and activities.. The exercise pool features an automated chair-lift for Cardholders with special needs and there is a ramp allowing easy access for those with disabilities. Numerous concerts and special events (including the annual RCSC Membership Meeting) are held in Sundial Auditorium, and the center boasts a large contingent of chartered clubs.  The Men’s Club is located at the center, where they offer popular seasonal Bingo events.

Sundial Center is also the home of the Sun City Mineral Museum, the finest of its genre in the Valley of the Sun. Operated by the RCSC Rockhound Club, the museum features rocks, minerals and geological specimens, and encourages visitors to check out the Fluorescent Room.  Admission is FREE.

Sundial Center Open Swim & Activity Hours**

Sundial Center pools, spas and fitness center are adult-only (18+)
Activity Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
Fitness 8a-8p 6a-9p 6a-9p 6a-9p 6a-9p 6a-9p 6a-9p
Length: 100′
8a-8p 6-8a; 10a-9p † 6-8a; 10a-9p † 6-8a; 10a-9p*** 6-8a; 10a-9p † 6-8a; 10a-9p † 6a-9p
Warm Water Pool 8a-8p 6-10a, 12-4:30p, 6:30-9p † 6-10a, 2-4:30p, 6:30-9p † 6a-9p 6-10a, 2-4:30p, 6:30-9p 6-10a, 12n-4:30p, 6:30-9p † 6a-9p
Spa 8a-8p 6a-9p 6a-9p 6a-9p 6a-9p 6a-9p 6a-9p
Walking Closed 6-8a 6a-8a 6a-8a 6a-8a 6a-8a 6a-8a
Mini-Golf 8a-8p 6a-9p 6a-9p 6a-9p 6a-9p 6a-9p 6a-9p
Bocce 8a-8p 6a-9p 6a-9p 6a-9p 6a-9p 6a-9p 6a-9p

** Please Note: Reservations for certain club activities and classes may affect these hours. Contact the Facilities Attendant at the phone number above to confirm open play availability.

† = No Class Hiatus due to Aqua Zumba trial sessions

***Swim Lessons Nov-March only; at Lakeview April-Oct

Sundial Center Directory

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