Hatha Yoga Club

All classes are multi-level and do not assume prior yoga experience. Classes are taught by certified instructors and include breathing techniques, stretching, relaxation and meditation, as well as warm-ups and basic postures to increase mind-body connection, self-awareness, and self-confidence.

To attend bring a yoga mat, small blanket or beach towel, your current RCSC card, $3 for each class and $5 for yearly membership. Wear loose, comfortable clothing for a warm environment and please arrive at least 15 minutes before class to register and pay. For more information, please see the Hatha Yoga Club brochure on the window at Sundial Yoga Room.

Watch for our workshops offered by our certified instructors!


Category Fitness
Location Sundial Center Aerobics Room
Club Contacts
Donna Sorensen, President – 623-236-9972
Nancy Flann, Vice President – 623-670-4570
Dwight Lockhart – 623-875-2150
Class Schedule

  • 8:30 to 10am
  • 10:30am to noon
  • 6:30 to 8pm 


  • 8 to 9:30am
  • 10 to 11:30am
  • 1 to 2:30pm – Beginners Mat Class


  • 8:30 to 10am
  • 6:30 to 8pm 


  • 8 to 9:30am – Beginners Mat Class
  • 10 to 11:30am


  • 9 to 10:30am (May 1 – August 31)


  • 8 to 9:30am
  • 10 to 11:30am

Sun City residents with current RCSC cards may attend one class as a Visitor before joining.  Each class is $3 and yearly club membership which runs from Jan to Dec is $5.

Other Classes: CHAIR YOGA CLASSES – Pre-registration is required. Please call Carlyn at 623-972-9602 for more information.Monday

  • 1 to 2:15pm


  • 10:30 to 11:45am

Thursday and Friday

  • 1 to 2:15pm

This class is ideal for those who have difficulty transitioning to and from the floor. Participation is limited to 15 per class.  Each session is six classes and participants must pre-register and pre-pay.  Cost is $30 per session (includes Club Membership). For information call Carlyn at 623-972-9602. 

Hatha Yoga now has its own website! Click the link below to visit: http://hathayogaclub.org/

Click HERE for a pdf of the current Yoga Club flier

Click HERE for  Guidelines for Yogis