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Club Forms

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BP12-1  Club Membership Roster (No longer applicable; proper spreadsheet format provided directly to clubs)

BP12-2  Club Meeting Schedule

BP12-2(a) Instructions for Club Usage & Meeting Schedule

BP12-3   Club Officers

BP12-4   Club Guest Attendance Register

BP12-5   Independent Contractor Agreement

BP12-6   Club Inventory (No longer applicable; proper spreadsheet format provided directly to clubs)

BP12-7   Acquisition or Disposal

BP12-8   Financial Statement

BP12-9  Reciprocal Agreement

BP12-9(a) Instructions for Reciprocal Agreement

BP12-10(a) Guidelines for Club Rules & Regulations

BP12-11 Club Request for RCSC Sanctioned Event

BP12-11(a) Instructions for Requesting a Sanctioned Event

BP12-12 Club Request for Marketing Funds

BP12-13 Club Request to Retain Guest Fees

BP12-14 Club Member Conduct Report

BP12-15 Application for Club Charter

BP12-16 Club Website Update Form

BP12-16(a) Instructions for Club Webpages

BP12-17(a) Instructions for Sun City Update Annual Club Articles

BP12-17(b) Sun City AZ Update Newsletter Club Annual Articles – 2024-2025

BP12-18(a) Sun City AZ Update Newsletter Submissions for Club Classes, Events, Directory

BP 12-19(a) Club Tax Filings, Important Dates & Other Info

BP12-20(a) Board Policy 12 Index

BP 12 Section 29 Request for RCSC Chartered Club Audit

Template for RCSC Chartered Clubs Rules & Regulations

RCSC Incident Reports